Culinary specialities of Monschau and the region

Enjoy specialities in a cosy ambiance...
Our restaurant Old Montjoie offers culinary delights and specialities of the region at any time of the year. Fresh asparagus awaits you in spring, local game in autumn and, of course, Monschauer specialities are not to be missed. Sample a Monschauer mustard soup or for dessert the famous Dütchen with ice cream, sour cherries and cream.


Breakfast is available daily from 08:00 to 10:00 at our restaurant. As Monday usually is the day off for the restaurant, we ask spontaneous visitors and groups for advance notice by phone.
Enjoy fresh rolls (including multigrain), eggs, cereals, cold cuts including fresh ham, salami and cheese. The choice includes typical jellies and honey, fruit juices and, of course, coffee, tea or cocoa.
We want you to feel really comfortable in the morning.
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Hotel & Restaurant Old Montjoie
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