What's up in and around Monschau?

In Monschau (almost) is always season and at every season the small town is different. In addition to the many ways to refresh the soul on the extensive hiking trails of the National Park or in the fabled High Moor, the High Venn, Monschau is culturally and culinary.

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The lovely old town of Monschau is always worth a visit. This year, the city will be decorated starting from mid November, the shops offer a wide range of ideas for christmas presents and the restaurants culinary specialities.

Monschauer Weihnachtsmarkt | Stadt Monschau

Movies – Filming location Monschau

"Over Christmas" is a 2020 German three-part miniseries starring Luke Mockridge and Seyneb Saleh, produced on behalf of #Netflix. One of the places where the film was shot was on Kirchstrasse. For the filming, the local Christmas decorations and some #Christmas market stalls were set up again in March.

In the production "Glauben" based on a book by Ferdinand von Schirach, Monschau becomes the fictitious Westphalian Ottern. The series is based on the Worms justice scandal from 1993 to 1997.

The ARD #film series "Eifelpraxis", a German doctor series, has been in production since 2016.

When #filming began on the action thriller “Collide” (2014), starring Nicholas Hoult and #Oscar winners Sir Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ben Kingsley, for security and confidentiality reasons, the public is excluded. You can even see the town sign in the film! Co-producer Daniel Hetzer had heard about Monschau from a friend's story. This friend had read something about Monschau in the New York Times and mentioned the picturesque little town to Daniel Hetzer.

For the #Tatort crime series "Schimanski" (WDR 2004) with Götz George in the title role, the district court in Monschau’s Laufenstrasse was redecorated as the Albert von Radenfels High School.

"Brennendes Schweigen" was produced in 2000 based on the novel “Eifel-Schnee” by Jacques Berndorf.
In the psycho thriller “Black Wedding” (1992), based on a novel by Mary Higgins Clark, a woman is abducted to the Monschau area after a class reunion.
"Die Stadt im Tal", a two-part television film by Wolfgang Petersen, was produced in 1975 by WDR-West German Broadcasting. Filming took place from June 17 to August 26, 1974 in Monschau, Eupen and Cologne.

Not a film, but also amazing: In 1971, the artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped up the Haller ruins and parts of Monschau Castle. The "CHRISTO project monSCHAU" is one of the first big open-air presentations of the artists.

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